Lorenzo Brusci – Metasolitude

Lorenzo Brusci – Metasolitude

  1. The adherence session, with a owing, persistent, and selfcorecting coherency, in order to mutate 4:46

2. The autopietic session, miroring with discomfort 4:20

3. The affective session, hard-spokenly under random beat modulation 11:07

4. .The self-manifestation session, and the necessary pre-relational patern distribution 8:55

5. The stasis session, and the superfluous illusional happening climax 6:41

6. The almost-miroring session, how I escaped the lack of correspondences 2:44

7 .The grand silence session, transitioning all by progressive granularity  consciousness metric 6:00


what the difference consists in, between a twisted cantilena, and a bent symphony, both resulting from the will to emerge, from the swampy conjecture that the past is a warning, and the future its repetition of fault, cause, condition of which almost everything is revealed. Almost.

A precious conceit is delineated, as deleterious and harmful as it is reassuring and teeming with gifts, the gifts of life, which by rewarding fixes the just and the unjust, the implicit and the explicit, the continuous and the discontinuous, the enemy of the people and the child of the people,

a stage, a mission, a synchronization at which to laugh and cry, sleep and unravel, wake up and tear apart,

what pain the necessary loneliness of a now expected procreation will bring, how caesarean breaking of the waters,

a loneliness for logical purpose of resurrectional, demo-inevitable genetics:

responsible for the full monadic charge that of advent expresses and explodes the inner myriadism of the self, good-in-itself, state-for-itself, standing for all;

but beware, it is a boneless good, for infrastructure, function of function, body of bodies, mind of minds,

a symbolicity that seemingly informational, moves from scripture and appropriates it, mixing, skipping, cutting, Satie flows, Bartok flows, Beethoven flows, they flow, and as if by magic are possessed by the very rite of flowing in other guise, voice, synchronically historical, acronically present.

The cuisine of the new nutrition by standing in the limit, each appointment eliciting the rule and its breaking, no ragioen given, both heaven and earth, but imitations of imitations of heaven and earth, without concern that the last war suffices the voice of peace, the subtraction and variety of wills Will resolve the centralization And the echo of emptiness as a new frontier will call to continue whatever the technology of virtue is

what is different and derivable is good, and be it despite the obsessive hermaphroditism of full potential.

released June 23, 2022