Prix CIME 2017

Prix CIME 2017
(Audio CD)
  1. Hans Tutschku – Remembering Japan – part 1
Honorable Mentions
2. Daniel Blinkhorn – Kibuyu
3. Raúl Minsburg – El gesto ausente
4. Gilles Gobeil – Sous l’écorce des pierres – promenade
Residency Prix CIME 2017
(Enhanced audio CD)
1. James O’Callaghan – Empties-Impetus
2. Chris Bevan – Circum
3. Diego Ratto – Mobyrei
Igor C Silva – Your Trash
Francesco Fabris – Cell
The PRIX CIME 2017 competition received 349 submissions from all around the world among them
279 submissions in Category 1: Prix CIME – Open to all composers regardless age
70 submissions in Category 2: Residency Prix CIME – Open to all composers born after December 31, 1987
James Andean (Great Britain)
Miguel Azguime (Portugal)
Catalina Peralta C. (Colombia)
Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico)
Andrea Szigetvári (Hungary)
Todor Todoroff (Belgium)
XiaoFu Zhang(China)
Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine)
and the organizing committee:
Marek Choloniewski, ICEM President (Poland)
Panayiotis Kokoras, ICEM Secretary (Greece/USA)
Françoise Barrière, ICEM Treasurer (France)
awarded 1 Prize, 3 Honorable Mentions and 9 Residences