d’incise – la boîte du diable

1. squelette
based on jonas kocher „materials”
2. bronches
based on d’incise recording of an old polish accordeon
3. épiderme
based on samples of teodoro anzellotti „push-pull”

this record has been originally self-published by the artist in 2010

d’incise (1983), electroacoustic musician, doing both composed and improvised works, from so called electronica to musique concrète, drone, EAI and post-reducionnism influences. He focuses mainly on generation and manipulation of acoustic sound sources and objects, loves feedbacks and digital glitches as well. He tends to extract the most tiny details of the elements, appreciates slowness and obsessive explorations of simple processes. He coordinates the Insubordinations netlabel, dedicated to improvised musics, and was actively inside the Audioactivity collective and netlabel, does graphic design and works sometime on sound installations. Deeply influenced by the free culture thinking he loves to share and spread its albums and creations on the web.